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Elderly pet problems

There are a lot of difficulties that older pets may encounter. These include deterioration in kidney function, heart disease, thyroid disease and arthritis . We're here to provide the highest standards of care for the older generation of pets. Our nurses can take blood samples to test the vital functions of your yet and monitor any deterioration. Proper use of appropriate diets and, where necessary, medication can go a long way in restoring a pet's activity freeing them from discomfort and pain.

Too often owners may dismiss changes in their older pets simply to age. In fact some conditions that pets develop as they become older can be controlled and even completely reversed giving them a longer happier life.

Arthritis in cats

Problems with dogs can be easy to spot. Cats on the other hand are more secretive in their suffering. There are telltale signs however if a cat has arthritis. Perhaps your cat is no longer as active? Or its coat is matted or drier in appearance. These are often arthritis signs. Does he walk up and down the stairs when he used to run, maybe he avoids them altogether? We can help get his spring back. Help us to help him by booking an appointment.

We can treat various elderly pet problems.

We aim to improve

  • Quality of life for older pets
  • Mobility
  • Activity
  • The ability to groom
  • General health
  • Renal and heart problems etc
General health
Elderly pet problems

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