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A clean and safe surgery

The surgical techniques used at Chessington Veterinary Surgery allow for clean, safe operations, while keeping pain and stitches to a minimum. Surgery is carried out in our sterile procedures theatre after the patient has been assessed and made ready in the separate preparation area.

Additional facilities include the use of a radio surgery unit, which minimises blood loss during surgery (essential for some of our smaller patients like rabbits, guinea pigs and rats). Sterility of all our surgical instruments, gowns and drapes is ensured by our use of a vacuum autoclave. This reduces the risk of post-operative infections and helps to eliminate the need for antibiotics to be given after surgery in many cases.

What about stitches?

In many cases there are no stitches on the skin surface that may irritate the patient, leaving nothing for them to chew on. This reduces the risk of post-operative infection and breakdown.

Our recovery suites are stainless steel kennels, further ensuring optimum hygiene for our patients. Our experienced and qualified nurses carefully monitor our patients and tend to their needs, providing premium pet foods and specialised diets as well as fresh cooked foods where needed.

We have routine daily operation schedules for all types of pets.

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