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Weight watchers for pets

Many pets in the UK are overweight, with owners unaware how much this can affect their pet's health. Chessington Veterinary Surgery is determined to ensure that pets placed in our care remain as healthy as possible so that they can lead a long, active life.

How being overweight can affect a pet

Overweight pets generally tend to be much less active. They have a tendency to develop arthritis much earlier in life than they normally would. Overweight pets also suffer more commonly from conditions like diabetes and tumours than pets of normal weight. In short, overweight pets have a lower life expectancy than healthy animals.

Our nursing team run one-to-one weight watcher clinics free of chargeto monitor your pet's weight if required. Regular weigh-ins are carried out and advice on feeding habits and specialist diets is given. Our goal is getting your pet healthy in the safest possible fashion.

get your pet slim, healthy and happy
Weight watchers for pets

To get your pet slim, healthy and happy, call

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